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Recommended by The Sunday Times, Saga, care homes and families as the perfect way to help start conversation

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Find out what younger people, families and care professionals say about CHATTERBOX cards!

These cards help reconnect the generations, enabling older people to share their stories and happy memories with us more easily and enjoyably

1940s reminiscence cards on everyday topics from the decade make conversations with people over 80 years old about their life    experiences, fascinating and fun – and help us get to know them better.

1950s reminiscence cards with pictures and information help kick-start lively and enjoyable conversation between people over 65 years old and younger generations for their pleasure and benefit.

CHATTERBOX cards make enjoyable conversation easy, prompting everyday recollections – and stories that might surprise you!


We are working with some great partners to make a real difference to caring for older people. Why not join in!

Our award–winning REAL Communication workshops help carers to connect better.


1940s and 1950s reminiscing conversation cards​