All about us

Our mission

Many Happy Returns is a social enterprise and we see ourselves as agents for social change. 

We aim to make a significant, lasting and positive difference to people's lives and to raise societal awareness of the need to close the generation gap.

We are a movement that develops initiatives to connect people from different generations by putting memories and meaning back into our relationships.

We are a business that creates innovative products and services for consumers and this principle is reflected in our workshops in the care sector.

Our vision

We believe that life is always more meaningful and colourful when people talk and exchange their stories – old and young, yet increasingly, real communication between the generations is challenged by two key misconceptions: lack of time and fewer common experiences.

We also believe that the most important things cannot be measured.

Many Happy Returns' vision is a world where people have better relationships through shared memories, because knowing more helps us care better.

Our values

I count. My story, my history, my experiences matter. I can tell you of my past dreams, hopes and fears and how they made me. I am also you yesterday – sometimes I felt like you do now. I was loved by someone. I am carefree, young at heart, frightened, daring, ambitious.

I want to talk with you because we both count – and this conversation is an ongoing process.

At Many Happy Returns we believe in stirring great stories and sharing memories.

Put simply, we believe in the power of connecting the generations.

Sarah Reed

For thirty five years, Sarah was an award-winning creative producer in marketing and media communications, working with many household names. Her long-term voluntary work with Contact the Elderly and her mother's ten year experience with dementia led her to develop Many Happy Returns.

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Our charity commitment

We contribute 5% of our profits to older people's and dementia charities.