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Buy 1950s cards for sharing with people in their 60s and over

What some of our customers have said to us...

1950s cards for sharing with people in their 60s and over

We all love to connect, but sometimes it can be more challenging across the generations, especially if the person is living with dementia. When we know more about a person’s life, their history, how they looked at the world as a younger person and what they liked to do, we can understand them better now. And better communication means better care.

"Hi… I saw you at one of the talks you did this week at the Care Show... I just wanted to send you a personal message. I found the talk you gave so interesting. You have a great deal of passion for what you are doing. My friend and I purchased a box of cards.

Stuart Dexter,, Coventry 

 “Old-age is all in the mind if you ask me... and that's why the cards work - they just make you feel younger for a while.”
Daisy Woodall, Halifax

“...the product is produced to very high design quality and is a genuinely lovely and interesting 'thing' - which we are sure works. We are very pleased to endorse and support Many Happy Returns and look forward to the positive impact that the packs will have for our many voluntary visitors and carers alike.”
Janet Morrison, Chief Executive, Independent Age"


Connecting the generations

They help make conversation, sharing and enjoying people's memories of past decades instant, easy, vibrant – and often amusing and revealing. Older people say that they remember things that they haven't thought about for years because the cards focus on everyday life and make interaction with younger people both easier and richer experiences.

1940s cards for sharing with people who are over 75 years old

Help make conversation, sharing and enjoying people's memories of past decades instant, easy, vibrant – and often amusing and revealing.

Want to know how someone got to school in the 40s or 50s, what they felt about their first kiss or their first job, how they wore their hair and their clothes – or what they did on the weekend? The Many Happy Returns Chatterbox 1940s and 1950s cards are a perfect answer.

Buy 1940s cards for sharing with people over 75 years old

Bridging the generation gap

​The 26 large-size cards feature subjects researched with over 100 older people, with images of items and subjects from each decade, such as playing around, life at home and at school, hairdos and housework, toys and travel.

​Brief descriptions and questions help get conversation going and the cards are easy to use as they can be used in any order, one-to-one, or in a small group.

The challenges – and potential – of working in environments where different groups work alongside one another, with all their natural peer group prejudices are becoming increasingly recognised and documented. 

Effective communication is critical to good care. Care homes often have workforces from diverse backgrounds and from two generations, working with people from a third generation.

International, religious and sexual preferences and social culture help shape who we are and our behaviour. How we communicate and inter-relate is highly dependent on our formative experiences. Younger generations have differing experiences, value systems and attitudes to their elders. Understanding the value systems, emotional needs and outlooks of these different groups, encourages greater contentment.

The cards help carers to respond to these generational issues by providing a natural evidence-based starting point for easy, entertaining conversation.

The card pictures, information and ‘open’ questions give older people the chance to share their stories with younger listeners who may be surprised to learn how challenging and different life was, 60 or 70 years ago.