The cards make it easy to enjoy fascinating and fun conversations about people’s life experiences from the time that holds some of their most vibrant and enduring memories – their ‘reminiscence bump’ years.

We also considered the design carefully. The cards are A5 size, providing large iconic images on the front and on the back, enough background information and a few conversation triggers to help get conversation going with a swing. 


Matching people's experiences

Why it works 

The Many Happy Returns 1940s and 1950s CHATTERBOX cards are designed to be used by younger people (anyone under 65 years old) with those over 65 years old.

The 26 card subjects in each box are the result of qualitative research with over 160 people between the ages of 65 and 99 years old.

We asked, “What do you like to talk about?”

They told us that it was everyday subjects, going to school and mucking about, like toys and travel, music and movies, holidays and home life, hairdos – and hair-don’ts, like mucking about – and making out!

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The cards have soft corners to make them comfortable to use and are varnished so that they can be wiped clean of any small spillages. The box has a shallow platform to make it easy to remove the cards and a slip case like a matchbox to keep the cards safe, the back of which shows thumbnail images of all the subjects that people chose

CHATTERBOX cards work by creating opportunities for people to enjoy each other’s company across the generations, by encouraging interaction, communication and connection, for everyone's pleasure and benefit.

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