Workshop Option Three

Workshop Option Two

Three-day workshops

The three, one-day workshops last 6 hours each and include supporting materials and fun 'homework' assignments. The workshops are run at ten-day intervals to give participants opportunities to absorb and practice their learning from the sessions. The three workshops give participants an in-depth experience of Reminiscence, Empathic enquiry, Active Listening and Life story conversation as a therapeutic activity. Feedback and discussion are built into every part of each day. 

A fourth session one month later is used to review the learning outcomes and to plan subsequent related activities for the staff.

One day

Our one-day REAL Communication workshops are very popular, focusing on Reminiscence, Empathic engagement, Active Listening and Life story and conversation as a valuable therapeutic activity. 

The day provides a valuable opportunity for care staff to re-consider what good care is and how it can be better

Subjects and practice include:

Reminiscence theory; reminiscence as therapy vs. reminiscence as a therapeutic activity; intergenerational exercises including Many Happy Returns Chatterbox cards; empathy and self-compassion; enquiry, engagement, active listening and other techniques; communication in end of life care and minimising challenging behaviour (to the person with dementia) developing better relationships between team members and families; applying reminiscence to other activities to achieve more connected relationships. Suggestions for translating learning into practical applications in day-to-day work are also included.

Participants work in changing pairs for some of the workshop sections. We place great importance on feedback and reflective discussion and these are built into every part of the day. Evaluation forms and a pack of notes is provided to support the experience. 

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One Day

These six-hour workshops are broadly based on Action Learning and challenge staff to consider how they think, how that affects their ‘be’-ing and in turn, what that causes them to do, in the context of their jobs and with all the different stakeholders: residents/patients, staff and families.

Using reflective discussion about the REAL Communication approach underpinned by the Senses Framework, interspersed with novel and fun games and activities, staff are able to step back and step out of their comfort zones to

  • consider more deeply the competing stresses of care settings
  • recognise the worth of what they do
  • understand better why they do it
  • develop greater self-awareness and
  • recognise the benefits to everyone when their practice in these areas improves

 We offer interactive and experiential REAL Communication Workshops for health and social care and nursing staff and voluntary visitors. 

REAL is an acronym (Reminiscence, Empathic Engagement and Active Listening) 

There are three options, from a three-day workshop experience, a one-day workshop or half-day overview.

The workshops provide rich, fulfilling and measurable 'user-centric' learning; help supplement people's conversation skills with older people and those with dementia, using active listening, enquiry and reminiscence, with Many Happy Returns Chatterbox cards as the triggers. The experiences help people learn and understand better, with tools that help them can take their learning back into the workplace with ease.

The workshops naturally lead to further activities, such as life history gathering and other themed projects. Participants evaluate the sessions and their part in them, to measure learning outcomes. 

How to make communications REAL - giving staff the confidence to relate to residents well enough to record their life stories in autobiographical albums.

"The workshops have given me skills for all of my life that I never had before - and no one can ever take away."

Senior nurse.

"I feel that I have a deeper understanding of what it feels like to suffer with

dementia now"

Care assistant.

"I find that I listen more intently to what people are saying now – so often, conversations are 'lightweight'... the workshops have helped me to get to know the people I care for and work with better now."

Senior carer

"I wanted my staff to realise how important meaningful conversation and listening is, especially for person-centred and relationship-centred care. The workshops have provided a really helpful springboard to improving their standards and we are already seeing the results."

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Think Be Do Coaching workshops for senior staff

Half day

A REAL Communication overview workshop lasting three hours gives participants a summary of reminiscence and conversation as a therapeutic activity. Activities include reminiscence theory and reminiscing as a practice using the Many Happy Returns Chatterbox cards. 

Participants work in pairs for interactive exercises and games. The session is formally evaluated and participants receive notes and a certificate of attendance to support the experience.

​​​Getting REAL

Workshop Option One

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