How to make communications REAL - giving staff the confidence to relate to residents well enough to record their life stories in autobiographical albums.

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Clients include:

SCIE (Social Care Institute for Excellence)

Harrow Council

Hounslow Council

Carmarthen Council

Pembrokeshire Council

My Home Life Cymru (Leadership Support programme)

Care Quality Commission


Warwick University

Norfolk & Suffolk Dementia Alliance 

(Performance Learning Gold Award 2014)

​​​Getting REAL

A few of our delighted customers...

​​​REAL Communication Workshops



What some of our clients have said to us...

REAL Communication Workshops are regularly delivered for health and social care, care and nursing staff, occupational therapists and medical students.

REAL is an acronym: 

Reminiscence • Empathic Engagement • Active Listening • Life story 

These four pillars of good dementia care form the basis of the workshops, which are highly interactive, with games, exercises, discussion and reflection.

They provide rich, fulfilling and measurable 'user-centric' learning; help supplement people's conversation skills with older people and those with dementia. Using active listening, enquiry and reminiscence, the Many Happy Returns Chatterbox cards act as the triggers. The experiences give people tools that help them can take their learning back into the workplace with ease.

The workshops naturally lead to further activities, such as life history gathering and other themed projects. Evaluation helps measure learning outcomes. 

"The workshops have given me skills for all of my life that I never had before - and no one can ever take away."

Senior nurse.

"I feel that I have a deeper understanding of what it feels like to suffer with

dementia now"

Care assistant.

"I find that I listen more intently to what people are saying now – so often, conversations are 'lightweight'... the workshops have helped me to get to know the people I care for and work with better now."

Senior carer

"I wanted my staff to realise how important meaningful conversation and listening is, especially for person-centred and relationship-centred care. The workshops have provided a really helpful springboard to improving their standards and we are already seeing the results."

Barchester Homes